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what we're all about


Since 2016,  Three13* has helped to tackle generational unemployment up North.


Starting in Teesside and slowly expanding our work northwards, we're helping people to become confidently aware of their worth and abilities, find meaningful employment and become more economically stable.

our model

We know that simply focusing on changing a person's employment status isn't always going to lead to sustainable change for them and their family.

We help people with 'the other stuff' too. 

Our practical programmes are delivered by local people, in accessible Hubs, where the work experience is linked to a community project. (Why sit in a classroom when your learning could help someone else?)

Fostering community in this way has a powerful effect on people's health, wellbeing, attitude and aspiration.

our vision

We want to increase the skills, confidence and hope of local people to see social and economic transformation in our region.

We believe our work can be enhanced (and eventually sustained) through developing enterprises in which to host our training, to the benefit of our learners and the wider community.


*where our name comes from 

Our name comes from the Bible verse Philippians 3:13, as we support those in North East communities who feel marginalised by their circumstances to ‘forget what’s in the past and reach forward to those things which are ahead’.

Our Christian team upholds inclusive, interactive and encouraging learning environments at each Hub; where learners, employees and volunteers can feel welcome, safe, valued and respected.

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