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Our training hub is based on 9 acres, gifted to us by Tees Valley Community Church. It offers multiple learning environments to grow in confidence and improve employability skills, including woodland, allotment space, joinery workshop, coffee shop, a digital skills suite, busy offices and a large events space.

We're here...

Monday - Friday

8am - 4.30pm


Three13 Training Hub

The Oakwood Centre

1 Cleasby Way 


TS16 0RD

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Phone and String Trick

who's the best person to speak to about...


... what three13 offer

Dave (our Assistant Director)

If you're a business looking for training or an organisation seeking to partner with us, Dave can help you understand what we can offer. He's also the best person to contact if you have a media enquiry.

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...what it's like to come on our training

Matt (our Learner Manager)

If you're looking to move forward, Matt can help you find the right training that will help you to get where you want to be.


... the small print

Jill (our Quality Lead)

If you need to speak to us about an existing element of our delivery, volunteering, or have a practice or policy question, Jill's your woman.


...making a referral

Martin (our Engagement and Development Manager)

If you're a Work Coach or advocate for someone who would benefit from working with us, Martin is the best person to speak to.


... the big picture

Ste (our Director)

If you're intrigued by our vision of an Enterprise Village and want to find out how you can be a part of it, drop Ste a line.