Three13 Training Hub

The Oakwood Centre

1 Cleasby Way 

Stockton on Tees 

TS16 0RD 

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Formerly Academy 3-13, Three13 is part of TVCP | Registered charity no: 1113499 Company limited by guarantee. Registered in England no: 5642155


Our vision for an Enterprise Village builds upon our existing offer to communities; developing enterprises that promote five priorities:

But we're not interested in doing this on our own. 


Making the most of the skills that already exist in the Tees Valley, we want to connect with others in the community and build an encouraging and collaborative culture that increases the aspirations, capacities and capabilities of local people.

We believe co-creating places that are people-led is vital if we want to see social and economic change in the Tees Valley. For us, this means making sure each element of the Enterprise Village provides:


Ensuring opportunities for co-leadership, transparent governance, mechanisms to encourage those with different life experiences to inform the direction of the  Enterprise Village.

personal SPACE

Not being afraid to stop, take time and reflect, digest and form opinions. Managing our ‘busy-ness’ in a way that promotes positive well being.

informal SPACE

Allowing for breathing space and time to understand and value each other. We know informal space is an effective tool to nurture peer-to-peer support that strengthens communities.

collective SPACE

Space for experimenting with ideas and prototyping possibilities. All of our Enterprise Village elements to date have been conceived through spending time in community.

training SPACE

Stretching skills and imaginations by providing opportunity for personal and professional development through both accredited qualifications and the nurturing of soft skills.

Durham Tees Valley CRC

In partnership with Durham and Tees Valley CRC, participants completing an Unpaid Work Requirement are given the opportunity to join our Advance Programme. This relationship has been praised by the Ministry of Justice and now influences their approach to Unpaid Work nationally.

Lisa chose the painting and decorating pathway, but she also volunteered her experience in catering to work alongside staff and volunteers in the community cafe. She was really encouraged by the value her skills brought to our site and her confidence increased daily as a result, inadvertently becoming a peer mentor to some of the younger participants.