what we're building

In the Tees Valley, almost 140,000 people are income deprived and more than one in four children live in poverty. Many people face barriers to the jobs market and as a result a higher proportion of people have been unemployed long-term (more than 12 months) in the Tees Valley than elsewhere in the UK.

We want this to change.

That's why we opened our training hub.

But, we believe co-creating places that are people-led is vital if we want to see significant social and economic change in the Tees Valley. So, our vision for the enterprise element of our work is two fold...

  1. We want to nurture the skills and passion that exists in local people and support them to set up enterprises that look to meet a societal need.

  2. We want to co-create multiple enterprises on our own site, with a view to self-sustain our training programmes and create further, more diverse work experience opportunities for local people.


We're calling this

'the enterprise village'


For us, it's about making the most of the nine acre site, gifted to us by Tees Valley Community Church for the benefit of the wider community.

An opportunity to bring people together to tackle some of the root causes of poverty in our area.

We’re seeking to host other

socially-minded businesses on our site as part of our enterprise village, to create further, more diverse work experience opportunities for learners.

If this is something you are interested in, let us know.

oh, and check out our business page to see other ways we could work together

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Thanks, we'll get back to you asap


richard's story

We met Richard in 2018 when he came to landscape as part of a Community Payback order on our site. After getting to know him we learnt he had a desire to support others like himself into employment after a conviction.

We mentored him and invited him to co-habit our office space as he turned this concept into a social business. He now runs Clean Slate Solutions, a registered charity that supported over 40 ex-offenders into work in the last year. 


plot to plate

How we're making sure our enterprise village gets off to a healthy start, with the creation of allotment space and community coffee shop.


wood recycling

The first income generating enterprise we've co-developed with learners, turning scrap wood destined for the fire, into products to make people smile.