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frequently asked questions

If this is the first time you've come across us and our work, you may have a few questions. Let us have a go at answering them...

can anyone train with three13?

We have the policies and procedures in place to work with anyone over the age of 18 who is currently not in full-time employment, education or training. 

does three13 cover travel expenses?

We cover travel expenses for our Learners - making sure (as best we can) the cost-of-living crisis doesn't prevent anyone from accessing education and training.
Every Learner that is due to start their induction with us at our Teesside Hub is sent travel tickets for their first day. Once enrolled, we then provide a season ticket to cover every
 day of their attendance. Our Learners tell us this is way more helpful than being reimbursed... because there's no need to worry about having cash for the fare.

how do you refer someone to three13?

Referring agencies can call 01642 781313 to refer someone to us or email

We also welcome self-referrals via the online forms available on each of our Hub's webpages.

are three13 any good at what they do?

We have had a number of External Quality Assessments that sing our praises...

"The centre continues to have a vision for growth which is very achievable. They have quality products delivered in excellent facilities, connections for actual work experience across a range of options, dedicated and skilled teaching staff and good quality foundations in place in tracking and documentation… a very attractive proposition to those external funding agencies who are looking to have good quality, job related training producing positive achievements and delivered within the local area.”

NOCN External Quality Assurance Report 2021

"Learners without exception were exuberant in their praise for Three13 and how much the Information, Advice and Guidance they had received had helped them to make changes in their lives - none felt the organisation could have improved any aspect of their experience -  'They make you feel it's about you and no-one else' "

Matrix Accreditation Body Assessment 2023

... and outcomes to match ...

Annual report 2022_23-01.png
Three13 Casestudies.png

... But don't take our word for it. Please check out our Learner's experience page

where does your name come from?

It's a Bible verse. See about us for why we chose it and what our approach is all about.

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