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wood recycling


Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our manufacturing and assembly pathway learners, our workshop spaces are developing into our first co-created enterprise.

We receive scrap pallet wood from local businesses and our learners turn it into decorative or garden products. All the profits go back into the training hub with a view to self-sustain our training programmes and create further, more diverse work experience opportunities for local people.

We call it, the Wonky Wood Workshop... (you know, like the wonky veg off of Asda).

We're always looking for people who can help us turn some unwanted wood into something more useful. Why don't you join us at one of our workshops and learn something new?




We’ll cover your travel costs by providing free bus/train tickets and the kettle is always on for a cuppa.

No experience necessary... just a bit of enthusiasm. Who knows, you might even get some tips for other DIY projects you’re planning at home.

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