what you can do to support us

The people who we work with are often held back by a range of barriers to employment.


With your support we can transform the lives of local people who lack skills, experience or qualifications, have a history of substance misuse, a criminal record, low self-esteem, low confidence or mental health problems.

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volunteer with us

We're always on the look out for people to join our team, bringing their unique gifts and talents to support those we work with to move forward.

Contact us and let us know your availability and what you're passionate about.


give to us

Help us to continue to offer opportunities for personal development, employability skills and real work experience, for those who fall through the gaps of Government funded programmes because they require additional support to engage.

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hire us

Consider using the Oakwood Centre for your next event. We have multiple function suites, a large carpark and various catering options. Your booking will also provide our learners with invaluable work experience as they host to meet your needs.

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Here's 3 ways to get involved...



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fund us

... make that 4


In our last financial year (Sept 2019-2020) 22% of our income came through grant funding.

Over the next three years a similar contribution towards our core costs would help grow the depth and breadth of our support to reduce disadvantage for those furthest from employment and increase our financial resilience through engaging our learners in the development of our enterprise village.